Case Studies

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Trauma case from Africa

A 38 year old male patient in trauma due to injury in the abdomen/hematuria is prescribed a CT whole abdomen scan with and without contrast. Nearly 600 images are captured and sent for review. An expert radiologist in India reviews the images and finds gun shot injury in the pelvis, fractures in L5 vertebral body and posterior elements and both iliac bones. Minimal free fluid in the peritoneal cavity & Bilateral minimal pleural effusion is also noted.

Within 60 minutes the case is reviewed and reported by the expert radiologist using i2i CONNECT. The patient receives immediate treatment based on expert findings.

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Post-operative (follow-up) scan from Africa

A 31 year old male patient with a history of 4 episodes of surgeries post a ear/nose injury is having discharge (pus) from the right nostril. He is prescribed a CT scan of paranasal sinuses which is performed in a centre in Africa. The study is sent for an expert opinion to a radiologist in India. The radiologist reviews the case and finds multiple small bullet pellets extending from the left side of the nose to the right pterygo-mastoid space.

Post-operative changes are noted in the paranasal sinuses region. A detailed report is submitted using i2i CONNECT within 4 hours for further treatment of the patient in Africa.

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Breast cancer case from India advised biopsy

A 63 years old female patient who is diagnosed a mass in left breast through ultrasound scan, is prescribed a mammogram study. Bilateral mammogram is performed in craniocaudal and MLO views along with limited ultrasound images of the left breast mass and left axilla. Both Ultrasound and Mammogram studies are sent to an expert radiologist in Singapore using i2i CONNECT. The radiologist notes large, lobulated mass in the center of the left breast, which is highly suspicious for malignancy.

Based on the finding expert radiologist recommends further evaluation with surgical excision/biopsy and HPE.

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Breast cancer case from India

A 58 years old female patient with clinical history of right breast mass and nipple retraction is prescribed a mammogram study. Cranio-caudal and Lateral oblique views of both the breasts are obtained via mammogram scan in a remote village in India and sent for review to a radiologist in Singapore.

Using i2i CONNECT the radiologist notes an irregular lobulated mass in the right subareolar region with microcalcifications and edema of the overlying skin and subcutaneous tissue. Malignant neoplasm, BIRADS Category IV & Enlarged right axillary lymph nodes are noted. Based on findings patient is advised a follow up.

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Emergency case from Africa

A 34-year-old male patient with injury in the chest is prescribed a CT scan. A plain CT scan of the thorax and volume scan of the chest is done before administration of IV contrast. More than 200 CT images are captured and shared with an expert Radiologist in India. The radiologist reviews the images; observes metallic foreign body in the soft tissue plane in the posterior aspect of the C6 transverse process on left side. Rules out pleural effusion / pneumothorax.

Within 30 minutes the case is reviewed and reported by the expert radiologist using i2i CONNECT.

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Diagnosis of Cancer patient in Africa

A 48 year old female patient with severe left hip pain, with difficulty in walking is prescribed a MRI scan. She has a history of mastectomy following breast cancer. An MRO study of the hip joints is performed. Nearly 100 images are acquired and sent to a radiologist in India for review. The expert radiologist reviews the case and observes diffuse bone marrow edema in the head, neck and proximal shaft of left femur; notes moderate free fluid in the left hip joint space. The expert review and diagnosis is performed within 3 hours.