i2i CONNECT Radiology can help you

i2i CONNECT enables transfer of medical images and patient data and offers innovative workflows to perform remote clinical diagnosis. It offers imaging based diagnostic analysis for a range of applications in Radiology.

Access cases on the go

Easy Upload

Fast secure upload and access of patient studies online. Supports both DICOM and non-DICOM study images, videos and clinical data. Prioritized study reporting with emergency alerts. HIPAA Compliant and CE Marked.
Web based reporting

Web Based Workspace

Study images can be viewed anywhere anytime on multiple platforms (WindowsTM & MACTM). Easy web access to patient history, study images and reports.
Web based reporting

Automatic Study Assign & Alerts

Automatic study assign based on service offered, availability and productivity of experts. Linking prior studies and smart study assign to diagnose follow up cases quickly. Calendar to keep track of availability of specialists. SMS/Email alerts on study assign and study status change.

Second Opinion

Share studies with consultants and other experts for second opinion. Integrated video interface for expert consultation.
Web based reporting

Share Images & Reports

Quick and easy means to share reported studies with referring physicians.

Secure & Standards Compliant

HIPAA Compliant and CE Marked Platform. Audit trail of user and study activities. Secure upload, storage and access to patient studies.

Comprehensive Reporting Workflow

Flexible web based reporting options. Configurable report templates for creating fast and secure reports. Instant Email reports on completion of study review and specialist reporting. Report exclusion in case of wrong report upload.

Secure Study Level Communication

Secure study level communication between specialist and diagnostic center, to improve quality of diagnosis. Integrated video interface for expert consultation.

Configurable & Trackable Report TAT

Service based tracking of report turnaround time (TAT) for every study with alerts when TAT exceeds. Priority fetch of studies for reporting based on report TAT.

Diagnostic Alerts & Dashboards

SMS/Email alerts and configurable periodic alerts at various stages of diagnostic workflow. Dashboards with trend graphs for quick summary of study status for clinicians and administrators. Online technical support.

Pay As You Go

Quick access to specialists irrespective of geography. Configurable ‘preferred doctors’ panel per institution. In-house & external consultant workflows supported.

Connect Network Of Centres

Multiple institutions can be connected easily and specialists can work across institutions and share workload.

Share Studies & Collaborate

Share studies across institutions and make use of expertise of the senior specialists irrespective of their work location. Offer collaborative care by leveraging the skills of the specialists distributed across institutions.

Monitor productivity

Study dashboard across institutions to track number of studies and reporting productivity of the specialists.