i2i CONNECT Radiology can help you

i2i CONNECT enables transfer of medical images and patient data and offers innovative workflows to perform remote clinical diagnosis. It offers imaging based diagnostic analysis for a range of applications in Radiology.

Access cases on the go

Access Cases On The Go

Access studies online from multiple institutions and reduce travel. Web based worklist to access studies and upload reports anytime anywhere. Single platform to access patient history, diagnostic data and images.
Web based reporting

Web Based Reporting

Web based reporting allows access to cases from remote locations anytime. Offline viewing and reporting for low bandwidth scenarios.
Web based reporting

Collaborate With Peers

Share studies with peers and experts around the globe, before finalizing the diagnosis of a patient.
Web based reporting

Connect With Patients

Integrated video interface enables online patient consultation in coordination with the diagnostic centre.

Effective Grading Of Cases

Study priority to indicate emergency cases. Count down of report turnaround time against agreed TAT for every study. Prioritize case studies, increase productivity.

Automatic Differential Study Assignment

Automatic study assign, to enable fair distribution of studies based on specialist’s workload, availability, services offered and reporting productivity.

Easy Viewing Options

Multiple image viewing options – Web viewer for quick review and standalone viewer for detailed review (supported on WindowsTM and MACTM). Standalone Viewer with priority fetch option to automatically retrieve all study images assigned to the specialist. Review multiple studies in parallel. Images can be reviewed on the go.

Comprehensive Reporting Workflow

Flexible reporting options – web based reports, file reports, customized form like quick reports. Configurable report templates for creating fast and secure reports. Instant Email reports on completion of study review and reporting. Report exclusion in case of wrong report upload.

Constant Doctor-Technician Communication

Secure study level communication between specialist and upload user without losing patient study context.

Flexible Reporting Hours

Calendar to configure availability for diagnosis and reporting. Flexible Service configurations – Choose the services you would like to offer centre wise. Configurable report productivity per service.

Exposure To Range Of Cases

Easy online access allows cases to flow from around the world, benefiting not only the patient but also the doctor. It opens up access to studies across different ethnic groups, thereby improving experience and know-how.

Consult Peer Groups

Assign studies to peer groups or experts for opinion and review of the diagnosis before finalizing the report of the patient.